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Bar Products

Creating exceptional cocktails requires quality tools and equipment. Have a look at some featured mixology items and purchase what you need to take your drink-making skills up a notch.

Cocktail Making
Fruity Cocktails

Cocktail Spoon

It’s a simple tool, but probably one of the most useful as well. A quality Cocktail Spoon is sure to last you a long time, so invest in this one, recommended by the one and only Ellie Etoh LLC.


Master cocktail preparation with a top notch Strainer. It’s hard to be a serious Mixologist without one, so get your own and start mixing drinks like never before.

Cocktail Shaker

The world of mixology is constantly changing, and this Cocktail Shaker is exactly what you need to stick out from the crowd. Ellie Etoh LLC uses this same version. Get yours today!

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